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Dockyard Micro Products - The Standard when it comes to miniature tools.Sharp, ready to carve, with octagonal wood handles. Length 5.5"Buy the Set and Save! Includes One each of the following: 1.5mm Gouge 2mm Gouge 1.5mm V tool 2mm V tool You might also like; Dockyard Strop, Dockyard Tool Rolls. How to use Dockyard Micro-Gouge. Buttons. Buttons are quick and easy using only a micro gouge. What may be carved with these Dockyard Micro-Gouges? 60000. Quilted texture. Fur. Hair/Beards. Round holes. Buttons. Eyebrows. Quilted Texture. The difficult part of this. Cutting a round hole for the walking stick is quick work for a micro gouge.

Dockyard Micro Carving Tools, 75 Degree V-Tool $ 18.95 Add to cart; Dockyard Micro Carving Tools, Micro Bench Chisels $ 62.95 Add to cart; Dockyard Micro Carving Tools, MICRO EXPANSION SET 6 $ 77.95 Add to cart; Dockyard Micro Carving Tools, MICRO GOUGE SET 4 $ 77.95 Add to cart; Dockyard Micro Carving Tools, Micro Sculpture Set 7 $ 77.95. DOCKYARD MICRO TOOLS Gouge Set 5 Pieces - $73.95. Micro Gouge Set 5 Pieces Set includes: 1.5mm U-Gouge, 2.0mm U-Gouge, 3.0mm U-Gouge, 4.0mm U-Gouge 5.0mm U-Gouge, Made in the USAIf you want detailed carving, micro tools are a must. Overall length is 5 inches with a 5/8 inch octagon handle about the size of a pencil. They are comfortable. The Original Micro Carving Tools are back. If you are doing high detail carving work of any kind, Dockyard was and is once again the standard in Micro Tools. All Dockyard carving tools are hand forged, tempered to HRC58 for a durable edge and tested to ensure proper sharpness and edge profile. 10/08/2009 · Leather and Kevlar! At present I seem to have a handle so to speak on keeping my non-lino-carving hand away from my gouges, but if I struggled with this more, I would consider using a carving glove. ANYWAY. Don kindly and generously asked if I would be willing to “test drive” his line of Dockyard Micro carving tools for linocut work.

Dockyard Micro Carving Tools, 4-V-Tool, 5 Gouges, 1 Skew10. Dockyard Micro Carving Tools Made in the U.S.A. to exacting specifications. Each tool is mounted on a 3/8″ diameter octagon handle of Cherry wood. The overall tool length is approximately five inches. Shop Dockyard 380-5000 Dockyard Micro Carving Gouges, 5 Piece Set. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more.

I just noticed in the latest Woodcraft catalog page 2 that Https:// is now carrying the Dockyard micro-gouges. In the past, several forum members have mentioned not being able to find these anywhere. Claude. Re: Dockyard VS Flexcut Micro I agree with Corey. I have both FlexCut and the Dockyards. I use both on just about all of my carvings. I prefer the dockyard gouges and the flexcut v-tools. Both will work well for you, but I feel that dockyard for gouges and flexcut for the v-tools works better for me. Safe Carving and God Bless, Mark. Dockyard was a great product. Now they have gone out of business and we are out of stock of their gouges. The newest product being manufactured to fill that gap is the Flexcut Micro Tools. Find them under "Flexcut" in these pages. 96-1305 14 Pocket Tool Roll for Dockyard tools. 08/08/2012 · Congratulation !! you have got best price for Dockyard 380-5000 Dockyard Micro Carving Gouges, 5 Piece Set. discover the secrets of the price of product. Dockyard 380-5000 Dockyard Micro Carving Gouges, 5 Piece Set make sure you only buy from this website. I hope you still get the best price. Price: $54.05 CHECK LOWEST.

  1. View all Alec Lacasse Beginner Bent Blade Chip Chisel Detail Dockyard Dogleg Dunkle Engler Ferguson Fishtail Flexcut Foredom Gouge Gouges Guge Hahn Hahn's Kit Knives Mallet Micro New OCC Tools Other Palm Paring Pencil Power Carving Ramelson Rough-Out Roughing Skew Specialty Stubai Sweep V.
  2. Home > Knives and Gouges > Dockyard Microgouges. Dockyard Microgouges. All Dockyard tools have a cherry wood handle and are approximately 4 inches long with a hexagon design. The overall length of the tools is about 5½ inches. These tools are great for detail work.
  3. 1580101 - Micro Gouge Set, Dockyard Micro Gouge 5-piece set by Dockyard.

Dockyard MINI v tool & gouges BlockPrint in.

Dockyard Tools USA 5 Piece Gouge Set includes a 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm "U" Gouge Dockyard micro carving tools are handmade in the USA to exacting specifications. Each tool leaves the factory tested for sharpness and proper cutting profile. Exceptional accuracy of cutting afforded by the unique design of these Micro Tools makes them ideal choice for fine finishing work or when texture is to be applied. Grounding Tool Set of four model maker's chisels, for trimming nut and saddle slots or for removing dried glue around braces and frets. These 5-1/2" wood-handled model maker's chisels are perfect for trimming nut and saddle slots or for removing dried glue around braces and frets. Buy Dockyard 380-5000 Dockyard Micro Carving Gouges, 5 Piece Set Perfect for miniature woodcarvings, or for delicate details on larger pieces. This set of 5 miniature carving gouges includes 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm widths. Each tool is mounted on a 3/8” diameter octagon handle made of Cherry wood. The overall length is approximately.

micro detail 1.5mm paring 2-bevels chisel: item : 542011. micro detail 2mm paring 2-bevels chisel: item : 542012. micro detail 3mm paring 2-bevels chisel: item : 542013. I usually use Pfeil, and I also needed micro gouges. The Model Dockyard Micro gouges are good. I have two sets of them including the 1.5mm super-tiny set. They are not cheap, but equally I also don't think they are really expensive either, and mine have lasted a couple of years now and they really hold an edge which is always a good sign.

04/09/2009 · You can find my first impressions in the Dockyard Micro Tools Part 1 post. I twiddled around with the tools for a while. picking them up in the middle of other carving adventures and using them a bit, and then putting them back down in favor of more familiar gouges. Hm. Didn't really learn much, so I decided to take a more systematic approach. DOCKYARD MICRO WOODCARVING Tool Sharpening Strop Set - $30.95. The is a custom made Strop especially for Dockyard Micro Carving Tools. It is designed for all the U-gouges and V-tool sizes Dockyard makes. The Strop is made of wood, the abrasive compound goes on the wood and does the work of sharpening. The wood has the correct shapes and sizes. Dockyard Micro Woodcarving Tool Sets- Save When You Buy 2 Or More Sets. Dockyard Micro - $124.95. Dockyard Micro Woodcarving Tool Sets- Save When You Buy 2 Or More Sets. 1 Set - $99.95. 1 Set Dockyard Micro Woodcarving Tools- Choice Of Different Sets - Carving Tool. 1 Set - $99.95.

Dockyard Tools are a leader in miniature precision tools. Pick up an individual Dockyard or a set of Dockyard Tools today! Dockyard Carving Tools For Sale. Find Dockyard Carving Tools In Stock Now. Micro Carving Tools Bent Gouges Dog Leg Chisel Skew Chisel Square Chisel Straight Gouges V Parting Tool Veiner Sculpture Tools Bent Gouges Straight Gouges V Tools Standard Tools Bent Gouges Skew Chisels Spoon Bit Gouges Square Chisels Straight Gouges V Tools Veiners Pyrography. Accessories Machines Resources. Literature Product Reviews. 27/03/2017 · Learn how easy it is to make your own custom detail carving tools. You don’t need special tools or metal working experience, and the process is remarkably fast for these very small blades. I demonstrate simple methods for shaping the blades, hardening and tempering, and making professional-looking handles. Very small tools suitable. Welcome to The Carving Glove Guy web site. Your web source for carving gloves, Dockyard micro carving tools, and other carving accessories. sales@ • 734 944-1918.

Dockyard 1.5mm Carving Tool Set, 5 pc. Price $79.00. NEW QUICK VIEW. Dockyard 3mm Carving Tool Set, 5 pc. Price $79.00. NEW QUICK VIEW. Dockyard 2mm Carving Tool Set, 5 pc. Price $79.00. NEW QUICK VIEW. Dockyard Expansion Micro Wood Carving Chisel Tool Set - Professional-Grade. Flexcut 4pc Micro Shallow U Gouge Set MT400. In the dawn of the 21st century. From a need for a quality tool. Drake Knives was born. Perfectly tempered, professionally polished and masterfully sharpened.

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